Jacket: H&M
Bag: NewYorker
Watch: Skagen

Minu sümpaatia crossbody kottide vastu on kasvamas. Kui ma seda kuldsete detailidega kotti NewYorkeris nägin, tekkis minu silme ette koheselt see valge H&Mi nahkdetailidega jakk, mille olin juba peaaegu unustanud. Kuldsed detailid panevad valge  koheselt särama.

My love for crossbody bags is growing and growing. When I saw this gold detailed crossbody at NewYorker I instantly saw myself wearing it with this white leather detailed H&M jacket. Golden elements make white stand out.



Ripped jeans: DIY
Leather jacket: NewYorker
Sweater: Reserved
Ankle boots: Bata

Minu tänane outfit sai kokku pandud just nende nö lõhkiste teksade ümber. Olin juba pikemat aega mõlgutanud mõtteid endale üks paar soetada, kuid otsustasin need lõpuks hoopiski ise teha. Ohvriks langesid just need teksad, kuna olid juba ühe põlve kohalt veidi katki ja käia nendega enam ei kõlvanud. Youtube on täis erinevaid DIY ripped jeans õpetusvideosid, mille abil ka need püksid lõhki kistud said. Mina võtsin eeskuju videodest SIIN ja SIIN
Olen neid teksaseid ja punaseid saapaid ka varasemalt SIIN blogis näidanud, siis olid püksid loomulikult veel terved ja oma algupärases olekus.

Key peace in my today`s outfit is those DIY ripped jeans. I had been looking for pair of ripped ones for a while, until I decided to do them myself. There are many good tutorial videos in Youtube. I used those two: HERE and HERE.
I wore those jeans (original look) and red ankle boots in one of my outfit post  (HERE) in last autumn too.



Here are few snaps from my camera and/or Instagram (@merilinolo).



Coat: Mango 
Scarf: Seppälä 
Crossbody bag: Terranova
Pants: Humana 
Sunglasses: House

Finally, spring has arrived here in Tallinn. Yesterday was such a sunny day, it really felt like spring, so I desided to take out some spring wardrobe essentials. I wore my light trench coat from Mango that I have owned for nine (!) years now and still love it. Such a practical peace. Actually I do have another new  trench coat in my closet waiting for wearing. Will show you soon, it's quite different.
About the outfit, it's actually something I wear at the office quite often: flat shoes, wide bit flared stretchy pants, black sweater and silk scarf. There are days when I just don't feel like wearing heels and pencil skirt.


Pictures from Pinterest

Yesterday when scrolling Pinterest jumpsuits cought my eye. I do not own any, but maybe I should. 
White, blue and black would be convenient for office. Love the white one, so simple but yet effective.
Orange, lime and nude have such a nice fabric, seems very classic and comfortable at the same time. I would definitely wear the nude on.